Agile Performance

For swift acceleration, hill climbing, and cruising, there’s nothing quite like the Chevrolet Corvette – and it handles like a dream. To make it swift, Chevrolet engineers combined great engine power with light car weight. As the result, the engine must pull only 19 pounds per brake horsepower. Contributing to the Corvette’s swiftness, too, is the light wind resistance of its low, streamlined, plastic body. Short length (only 14 feet) and easy steering simplify maneuvering in traffic and parking. A very low center of gravity, outrigger type rear springs, and broad wheel treads stabilize the car and allow fast “cornering.” Extra-large brakes insure smooth, positive stops. Balanced suspension provides a level, comfortable ride, and gives you a safer, more certain “feel” of the road. Response of the car to your control is always immediate and positive.

Sensational Styling

The low-set Corvette body expresses the swiftness that is so dramatically demonstrated by the car’s performance. Taking full advantage of the new body material – glass-fiber reinforced plastic – Chevrolet engineers have created a sports car body in which all contours are smoothly streamlined. There are no disturbing projections. The license plate and headlights are recessed and all hinges are concealed. Adding to the sleek appearance are the chrome-bound wrap-around windshield, jet-type rear fenders, and sunbursts of chrome in the full-size wheel disks. A new kind of styling also is apparent in the chrome radiator grille, bumperettes, and moldings that protect the fenders and rim of the cockpit.

Luxurious Comfort

In the spacious Corvette cockpit, you’re surrounded by all the luxuries you want in a sports car. Form-fitted seats with foam rubber cushions are smartly upholstered in leather-grained vinyl. The driver’s seat is adjustable. Stowage pockets are built in the doors and the carpet is backed by soft sponge rubber. The steering wheel is equipped with horn blowing ring and directional signal lever. The Powerglide selector lever is below your right hand. Controls and instruments, including a tachometer, are arrayed before you. The windshield has dual wipers, defroster slots, and a washer, while inside and outside mirrors provide views to the rear. For extra ventilation, there is a screened cowl ventilator. Ash receptacles, cigarette lighter, electric clock, and courtesy light are standard; the favorite-station, signal-seeking radio and recirculating heater are extra-cost accessories.


Power-Packed Chassis

  • Engine – “Blue Flame 150,” 150-horsepower, high-compression, 6-cylinder valve-in-head engine; three side-draft carburetors, shielded ignition, dual exhaust system, reserve water tank.
  • Transmission – Powerglide; with floor-mounted selector lever.
  • Drive Line – Hotchkiss drive; 3.55 to 1 ratio, hypoid axle.
  • Wheels – Five wheels; full-size chrome disks with simulated hubs. Five 6.70-15 white sidewall tires.
  • Steering – 16 to 1 ratio, anti-friction gear; Center-Point linkage. Nearly vertical, 17-1/4″, two-spoke steering wheel.
  • Brakes – Hydraulic, 11″, self-energizing brakes; bonded linings. Mechanical parking brakes; pull-handle and alarm light.
  • Suspension – Knee Action with ride stabilizer; out-rigger type, 51″, 4-leaf rear springs. Direct double-acting shock absorbers.
  • Frame – Extra-rigid, X-member-braced Box Girder frame.
  • Gas Tank – 17 gallons; behind seats. Concealed filler at side.
Lightweight Body
  • Body – 2 passenger, open-cockpit body of glass-fiber reinforced plastic; light, strong, durable, rust-proof, quiet and easy to repair. Wide doors with inside release lever.
  • Compartments – Front-hinged hood with automatically latching support. Large luggage locker with spare wheel well under floor, and lockable, counter-balanced lid. Concealed well for top in rear deck behind seats. Saddle-covered door pockets.
  • Windows and Top – Chrome-bound, one-piece, curved safety plate glass windshield; 53-degree slant. Removable, chrome-bound, plastic side windows with ventipanes. Manually adjusted fabric top with plastic rear window.
  • Colors – Polo White, Pennant Blue, Sportsman Red, Black
  • Car Dimensions – Wheelbase, 102″. Length, 167″. Height, 33″ at door top. Road Clearance, 6″. Width, 72.2″. Tread, 57″ front, 59″ rear. Body Weight, 410 lb.