The Corvette KidZone features a number of activities geared toward children age eight and under. Thank you to our exhibit sponsors: Bowling Green Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, State Farm, Eugene Nagowski in memory of Patricia Nagowski and Tri-City Corvette Club.

In the ‘design’ studio, kids can learn about the stages an automaker will take to come up with new ideas for a car. Paper and crayons are provided to sketch ideas by hand that children are welcome to take home with them. There are also magnetic drawing boards for illustrating.

After designing their concept cars, kids are provided with Lego-style blocks and wheels to put together their own cars.

After completing the build process, the car must be tested. A series of ramps are available for children to test their car on. Afterwards, the children can switch roles, and walk on a sensory ‘test’ track to see what it is like when the cars drive over a bump track! Rounding out the experience is a “test” car the children can sit in to perform a crash test, knocking over foam blocks while watching video footage of an actual crash test.

Safe Driver Street
Get your drivers’ license photo made before climbing behind the wheel of an old Chevrolet pedal car! Cruise the mini street then fuel up at the service station. Don’t miss the safe driving tips!

Pat’s Corvette Super Service Center
Now it’s your turn to put on a work shirt, plan your schedule then grab a clipboard and begin work on the car in the service bay.
Thank you for picking up the toys and activities when you are finished enjoying them!