The National Corvette Museum offers lots of opportunities for pre-registered scout groups of 15 or more to have a special visit. Check out the various packages and opportunities below, and check back as more programs are added!

Scout Group Rates

Scouts (ages 5-12) – $4
Scouts (ages 13+) – $5
Adults – $7
Seniors (62+) – $6
Scout Package (ages 5-12) – $6 per scout
Scout Package (ages 13 +) – $7 per scout
Includes Museum admission and scavenger hunt with a “fun” patch for completing it.

All scout groups can purchase a 5″ x 7″ FotoFX group picture for an additional $5 each (regularly 2 photos for $20)


Registration is $20 and includes Museum admission.

What MEchanics will cover:

  1. Under the hood: Air filters 101; Fluids and where they live; How to check, fill fluids, how often to check?
  2. Controls and Warning Lights: Check engine light; Other controls and warning lights
  3. Electrical and Owner’s Manual Review: Location of battery & how to jump start a car; Location of fuse box; Get to know your owner’s manual
  4. Tires: How to change a flat; How to check tire pressure, add air, TPWS Tire Pressure Warning System; How to read a tire code (new but “old”); Wear patterns and wear bars; What to consider when purchasing new tires
  5. Driving Simulators: Emergency situations
  6. What to carry in your car
  7. Body: Changing a head/tail/blinker light; Changing wiper blades; Brakes & Pads; Cleaning and care of your car

MEchanics classes are limited to class sizes of 5-20 students and are scheduled based on your group’s availability. Please contact Steven Teleky at 270-777-4514 or [email protected] to schedule your class time.