The following is a breakdown and clarification of areas where Ambassadors can accumulate points toward the Master Ambassador positions. 200 points may be accrued in any area or multiple areas to achieve the status. The Master Ambassador status is awarded on a yearly basis during the Bash event. The program will begin each January and end December. Points may be submitted until February 15th.

Master Ambassadors are recognized with a special name badge and certificate and are announced in both NCM eNews and our magazine “America’s Sports Car”.

To remain an active Ambassador, 50 points must be accumulated during the time period listed above. Any club whose Ambassador does not turn in their points sheet or does not remain an active Ambassador will receive notification and be asked to consider appointing a new Ambassador.

Previously there has been some confusion on the points program and qualifications for various areas. Most all areas focus on sales and commitments by the Ambassadors, but there are some areas that you can obtain points based on your club’s participation. Below are some of those areas.

  • Memberships: New/renewing membership orders taken or recruited by you within timeframe
  • Bricks: Any bricks purchased by yourself, club, or club members within timeframe
  • Raffle sales: Tickets consigned or purchased online, whether sold by you or a club member
  • Attending NCM Function/Event: You can claim points for any club members that attend
  • Volunteering for NCM: You can also claim points for club members who volunteer
  • NCM Insurance Quote/Policies: Points can be accrued for any club members who participate
  • NCM Delivery/Experience: Club members who take part during timeframe above
  • Donations to NCM: Motorsports Park (other than One Acre Club), general donations, or any additional programs throughout the timeframe not included above and made during timeframe.

When completing the Ambassador points worksheet, be sure to list names of new members, events, etc. in the appropriate area. If you need more room, please feel free to add additional pages.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Deb Howard .  Thank you for all you do and keep up the great work!

Download the NEW Ambassador Points Worksheet