NCM Experience

Corvette owners have the opportunity to participate in the “NCM Experience” – a program that offers owners a unique experience with their Corvette at the National Corvette Museum. Corvette owners can schedule a special visit to the Museum, where their Corvette receives an exterior cleaning and is then displayed on the floor of the Museum delivery area, similar to the highly requested R8C Program.

Guests are given a VIP Museum tour as part of the program, and are also given a one-year individual membership to the Museum, commemorative wall plaque, silver decal recognizing participation in the program, and an individual photograph in front of the Museum – weather permitting. Experiences can also be viewed world-wide via our live webcams.

Cost of the Experience program is $500.00, due at the time of scheduling.

Program participants will also receive a numbered Flint brick, a dealer brochure for your model year Corvette (not all years available), a C-Magic sample pack, and the opportunity to discuss maintenance tips and seek automotive advice from our staff mechanic. Additionally, customers have the opportunity to purchase special merchandise showcasing the “NCM Experience” logo, bricks in a special commemorative section, and build sheets/window stickers if available, during the program presentation .

Whether you want to present your spouse with a Corvette as a gift, or pass your Corvette down to your child, the “NCM Experience” creates an opportunity to celebrate that special occasion.

Additional information on the “NCM Experience” is available by contacting Museum Delivery Program Manager – Shane Webb at: [email protected] or call (800) 205-4248 / (270) 777-4505.  Lori Bieschke is also available to assist.  She can be reached at [email protected] or call (800) 205-4248 / (270) 467-8851.

**Customers participating in the NCM Experience after June 16, 2017 will not receive a tour of the Corvette Assembly Plant on the day of their Experience.  However, when tours resume (approximately January 2019), we will provide a complimentary tour.  Please subscribe to NCM eNews for future updates.**

*The Experience is a great option for our Canadian customers or those who did not select the R8C option originally for their new car.