National Corvette Museum
National Corvette Museum

How would you like to see the GM Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant while on your very own private tour?  Well, let The National Corvette Museum help make your dream come true!

V.I.P. tours last for 3-4 hours and include the GM Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant and the National Corvette Museum.  Tours of the Assembly Plant follow the same route that public tours also follow, however our groups are much smaller, and you are able to spend longer at each stop with our knowledgeable guides if you wish.  You will be required to view a safety video of the plant and sign a Confidentiality Agreement form. You will not be following any certain car during the tour of the plant. 

Once the plant tour is completed you will then meet your tour guide at the National Corvette Museum.  The Museum has a Corvette Café on site if you choose to take a break and have lunch.  Your guided tour of the Museum will take you on a stroll through Corvette’s history, its racing heritage, and give you a glimpse at the Corvette lifestyle.  The V.I.P Tour also includes a behind the scenes look at the National Corvette Museum Delivery and prep area where all of the Museum delivery cars are detailed and inspected before the new owners come for their scheduled delivery, plus a peek behind our exhibit area where many cars are stored when not on display.

Price of tours: $200.00.

Group Size: Up to four people for the initial cost of $200. Additional persons $50 each. Each group is limited to seven people.

Start Time: The tours will start at 1:30 p.m. CT effective September 1, 2014.  Your tour will begin at the Museum.  You will receive an email confirming your tour date once it has been approved.

Plant Tour Time:  Approximately two hours. (Some restrictions could apply)

Museum Tour Time:  Approximately one and a half hours.

Advanced Notice:   At least a forty eight hour advanced notice is required. 

No coupons or memberships apply.

The GM Bowling Green Assembly Plant is located just off of Interstate 65 at Exit 28.  The Plant and the Museum are visible as you exit.  At the first traffic light – (Corvette Drive) turn RIGHT for the Plant – Turn LEFT for the Museum.  

Please dress comfortably. The only dress code requirements are that you wear closed toe shoes.  You are not allowed to bring the following items into the Plant:

  • Cameras
  • Cell Phones
  • Electronic Devices
  • Backpacks / Purses – (only for medical reasons)
  • Children under the age of seven (7)

Please note that production schedules at the GM Bowling Green Assembly Plant can change. The plant is closed every weekend.  (Notice that GM can stop production and or tours at any time without prior notice).  As we are made aware of any changes, we will be in touch with you.

Contact: Lori Bieschke @ (800) 205-4248 or (270) 467-8851 or email Shane Webb @ (800) 205-4248 or (270) 777-4505 or email