Teacher Resources

Below are hands-on classroom activities available for you to download and print off.

These activities go great with your visit to the National Corvette Museum and are designed to bring what you’ve experienced at the Museum right to your class!

Which Way Did the Corvette Go (Primary, Science)
Objects can move in many different directions, at various speeds. Students will observe and identify these directional movements as performed in real-life situations in a Corvette. Download Which Way Did the Corvette Go?

What’s a Corvette Made of?
A car is made of many different materials… from the rubber in the tires, to the leather of the seats, glass of the windows, fiberglass and metal of the body and much more. Students will touch and feel these parts of a car, learn why different materials are selected for each part and sort the parts of the car by what they are made of. Download What’s a Corvette Made of?
Additional Resources: Corvette Part – Flash Cards

In a Line, In a Row, Above & Below!
You can describe the position of an object by identifying its position relative to another object. This activity allows participants to identify where vehicles are located relative to their surroundings. Download In a Line, In a Row
Additional Resources: Celebrities with Corvettes – Flash Cards