Unique 2001 Corvette Quotes

"The Z06 is a landmark car for the C5 & Corvette history. It is the most high performance Corvette produced."

"Best all-around Corvette. A Total Performance Machine"

Dave Hill
Corvette Chief Engineer

"The ZO6 Corvette is a very serious sportscar that will prove to the world that the C5 is ready to play hard."

Jim Minneker

"Amazing on the track! Went head to head with the Porshe, Viper and Z06. John Heinricy was behind the wheel of all three getting the best out of each. Hands down, the Z06 was the winner! Viper after 5 laps starting over heating, Z06 just kept on moving."

Durability Testing - "Handles like it is on rails - extremely well mannered and never bites."

Handling Testing - "Tire performance never fades and they have exceptional wear."

Mike Neal
Corvette Suspension Ride & Handling Development Engineer

"The Coupe and Convertible will continue to account for the bulk of Corvette sales. Our new Z06, however, will have great appeal for the extreme performance enthusiast. It's simply the quickest, best handling production Corvette ever."

Jim Campbell
Corvette Brand Manager

"The Corvette has been America's favorite sports car for 47 years. For 2001, the Corvette lineup delivers more performance, improved agility and added refinement. When you add it all up, it's the most comprehensive price-value relationship in the High Sport segment. And the introduction of the new Z06 offers Corvette buyers the ultimate driving experience."

Kurt Ritter
Chevrolet General Manager

"After driving all three (Porsche, Viper and Z06) the Z06 behaves more like a race car on the track than any of the others. Very agile, responsive ... And does what you expect it to do."

John Heinricy
Former Assistant Corvette Engineer
C5R Corvette Race Team
Chief Engineer for Firebird

"The Z06 creates the same kind of excitement we last saw around the introduction of the C5, and before that, the ZR-1. It's that kind a car. I think our customers will just be overwhelmed by our newest Corvette. What we're seeing is the birth of a new King of the Hill."

Wil Cooksey
GM Corvette Assembly Plant Manager

"Significant leap in performance. A great addition to the Corvette family."

"From the beginning, Dave set the goal not just to show horsepower, but total control of the car. Keeping the focus unique but affordable. A car for the person who wants to move into the performance circle."

"The Z06 shows improved crispness of the shifter by taking the isolation out. The Z06 shifter is directly mounted to the powertrain. It is a driver's car."

Bill Nichols
Vehicle System Engineer Corvette/Camaro/Firebird Platform

"After the first experience with the 2001 Z06 - It's the most exciting production Vette since the ZR-1. With the added plus, it will be much more attainable for Corvette enthusiasts. If this is not the ultimate production Corvette ... You can certainly see it from behind the wheel of the Z06."

John Davis
Motor Week Host

"Not just a hot-rod Corvette - it is a total package."

"The Z06 is of the same lineage as the first Z06, ZR-1's and the Grandsports."

Dave Hill
Corvette Chief Engineer

"After driving the Z06 around the Mid Ohio SportsCar Track, I got out and the first thing I thought was, I gotta have one of these cars and I really don't care what color it is! I just want it to drive!"

Dan Adovasio
C5 Registry Director

"Like to drive Corvettes godawful fast on a regular basis? Buy this car! The 2001 Corvette Z06 is the hottest performance news since the coming of the ZR1 more than a decade ago. After testing it on the race track, there's little doubt in my mind that the Z06 is the motorsports - oriented Corvette we've been waiting four years to get. I mean-this is one, ass-kicking, flaming hot, killer machine."

Hib Halverson
Automotive Writer

"The 2001 Corvettes are a revelation. The subtle but significant improvements made to the Coupes and Convertibles--the slight horsepower increase, notable growth in torque, and the now-standard equipment second generation active handling system--make an already excellent car even better. The Z06 is marvelous! With the new LS6, upgraded suspension, its new and larger tires and wheels, and additional standard equipment, the Z06 is one of the finest all-around sports/ultra high performance cars in the world. And for the price ($47,500 MSRP including destination charges), it is positively the best car money can buy!"

Bob Wallace
Editor - VETTE Magazine