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NCM Drivers' Safety AcademyCreated by some of the same engineers that developed the flight simulators for the aeronautics industry, Virage Simulation Inc. has taken the danger out of learning to drive with two new, state-of-the-art driving simulators located in the National Corvette Museum.  The simulators are designed to present a limitless number of scenarios that drivers can face… challenging situations on city streets and freeways and in all kinds of weather conditions. The National Corvette Museum purchased and installed the simulators as a permanent addition to the Museum, furthering the Museum’s mission of  educating the public and making a positive impact in the community.

When the seatbelt is secured and the key is turned, the dashboard lights up and drivers can feel and hear the virtual engine running.  The driving experience is so authentic that drivers will feel the vibration of the pavement under their virtual tires, and the weight of the car shift as the wheel is turned. Five educational programs are offered on the simulators, including Emergency Driving Situations; Driving Under the Influence; Speed, Road Conditions and Stopping Distances; Hazard Perception and Fuel Efficient Driving.

The simulators are open for museum visitor use weekdays, and three demonstrations times are available: 10am, 1pm and 3:30pm Central Time.

Please note: simulator participants must be at least 16 years of age and/or have a valid learner's permit or driver's license.

Driving Simulators

NCM Drivers' Safety Academy

The National Corvette Museum now offers a series of driver's education clinics to help teens and adults become safer drivers. Each course is tailored to a specific audience.

Did you know... your child can be approved to miss school to attend our sessions? Click here to download the Kentucky Educational Enhancement form.

Teen Driving: Car Control and Situational Awareness Clinic

This class is offered the first Tuesday of each month with one-hour sessions available between 2pm and 4pm. The fee is $10 per student and includes Museum admission. A certificate is provided at the end of the session. Please call to reserve your time slot at 270-467-8852.

This clinic is for permit holders and newly licensed drivers. It covers driving techniques such as parallel parking, city and rural driving hazards, adverse weather conditions, two wheel drop off recovery and the dangers of texting and drinking while driving, just to name a few!

2015 Dates:
January 6, February 3, March 3, April 7, May 5, June 2, July 7, August 4, September 1, October 6, November 3, December 1, 2015

Street SurvivalStreet Survival

The Tire Rack Street Survival school is a safe teen program designed to go beyond today’s required driver’s education and give teens across the U.S. the driving tools and hands-on experience to become safer, smarter drivers. Trained and qualified in-car driving instructors as well as classroom experience for each student.

The primary emphasis of the Tire Rack Street Survival® is a "hands-on" driving experience in real-world situations! We use your own car to teach you about its handling limits and how you can control them. The students will become more observant of the traffic situation they find themselves in. They will learn to look far enough ahead to anticipate unwise actions of other drivers. As the students master the application of physics to drive their cars, they will make fewer unwise driving actions themselves. They will understand why they should always wear their own seatbelts, and why they should insist that their passengers wear seatbelts, too.

It's about more than driving - it's about LIVING!

Want more information? Here are some FAQ

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Saturday, April 11, 2015 from 8:30am - 4:30pm
Saturday, October 10, 2015 from 8:30am - 4:30pm

Cost: $75

Check out the website for the course and register online here.

AARP Driver Safety Course

2015 Dates:
March 27, August 14
9am - 1pm
National Corvette Museum Simulator Room
Cost: $15 for AARP Members, $20 for Non-Members

To register, call Kellie Steen at 270-467-8852.

The AARP Driver Safety Course is the nation’s first and largest refresher course for drivers age 50 and older. The course is designed to help drivers update their driving skills and knowledge of the rules, hazards, and the road; reduce your chances for traffic violations, accidents and chances for injuries; best of all – most companies will give you an insurance discount for completing the class.

Powder Puff MechanicsPowder Puff Mechanics

This course is designed primarily for women, young women, teen drivers and their parents, though any gender or age is welcome! The class goes over the basics to make attendees more knowledgable about their car, and better consumers.

Cost is only $10 and includes Museum admission. There is a lunch break, but lunch is on your own. A Cafe is on-site at the Museum.

Upcoming Events
Saturday, May 16, 2015
Saturday, November 14, 2015
from 10am-12pm

What Powder Puff Mechanics will cover:

  1. Under the hood
    • Air filters 101
    • Fluids and where they live
    • How to check, fill fluids, how often to check?
  2. Controls and Warning Lights
    • Check engine light
    • Other controls and warning lights
  3. Electrical and Owner’s manual Review
    • Location of battery & how to jump start a car
    • Location of fuse box
    • Get to know your owner’s manual
  4. Tires
    • How to change a flat
    • How to check tire pressure, add air, TPWS Tire Pressure Warning System
    • How to read a tire code (new but “old”)
    • Wear patterns and wear bars
    • What to consider when purchasing new tires
  5. Driving Simulators
    • Emergency situations
  6. What to carry in your car
  7. Body
    • Changing a head/tail/blinker light
    • Changing wiper blades
    • Brakes & Pads
    • Cleaning and care of your car

Next Powder Puff Mechanics Course is Saturday, May 16, 2015 from 10am-12pm. The fee is $10 per person. Register using the online form below, or call Kellie Steen at 270-467-8852.

In addition to our scheduled events, the Museum offers "Powder Puff Mechanics" workshops for groups of a minimum of 20. Registration is $10 and includes Museum admission. Girl Scouts can earn a patch for participating in this program.

International Drivers' Course

The International Course is a one day class where students will learn about the driving laws of Kentucky, and national statutes each driver must follow.  Students will be given the opportunity to drive our state-of-the art simulators, and discuss the necessity of car insurance with a certified insurance agent. 

The class is 10am until 3pm and is free, however, There is a $10 admission price for the museum.  Students who do not have transportation to the Museum can meet at the WKU International Center where they will be picked up prior to the class and brought back after the class for $4 round-trip.

May 22, 2015
August 21, 2015


The Driving Contract

It's up to you, the parent or guardian, to instill good driving habits in your child. Safe driving is set by example. We have created a flyer with some tips to help YOU be an effective coach. Click the image at right to open an enlarged view.

We have also created a "Driving Contract" that may be executed between you and your child. This contract sets forth the expectations of both parties for safe driving. Click here to download our contract.


Nicholas and I want to thank you for an excellent program in Bowling Green Sat. You did a wonderful job. A nice mix of serious and light with a tough audience. 

As you may know, we did one in Chattanooga in June 2012 in a Subaru Tribeca which was way too stable to learn how to handle emergency maneuvers. So we were very glad to get another chance to try it in a Camaro.

I certainly know what takes to put together an event like Street Survival. You had a great crew, great instructors, excellent safety, all-in-all you, the volunteers and the museum staff made it all look easy.  

Nicholas, with nearly a year of licensed driving under his belt, certainly learned more, absorbed more and was able to maximize his track learning better. I am sure most don't mention it, but I expect it will be one of the last full days that he will spend with me before college, an added plus. It was nice to hear him turn to me and say that he really appreciated me educating him about many of things that you and your staff reinforced. So we really enjoyed it.

Please extend our thanks to Debbie, the National Corvette Museum staff and management, and the Street Survival staff and advertisers. As I may have mentioned, I have been a 30+ yr Michelin man and my new G35 tires arrived from TireRack today.

As a side note, Nicholas is hoping to volunteer at the next nearby SS event. I am on the email list for nearby events so, with any luck, he will see you again.

Take care,
Franklin, TN

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