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NCM – Chip Miller Charitable Foundation
August 25, 2014

August heralds two significant events on the Corvette calendar, Corvettes at Carlisle and the NCM’s 20th Anniversary Celebration.  It is our pleasure to announce the collaboration of these two incredible organizations in an HPDE/Touring event to benefit the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation and the National Corvette Museum.  Scheduled between the Carlisle and Bowling Green events, it will provide a chance to support 2 outstanding organizations, enjoy and learn about track and enhance the Caravan experience while taking part in the National Corvette Caravan.

Special Caravan Activity
A unique activity for Caravan participants has been included in the HPDE.  Special Touring Laps and rides in vintage race cars or with instructors have been added to the regular High Performance school to enable participants in the National Corvette Caravan to sample the road course experience and the thrill of track.  Four full sessions have been scheduled for the Touring Laps on Monday morning, August 25th to accommodate the Caravans passing through the area.  The Touring sessions will be run with instructor/pace cars interspersed to maintain speeds and mark the correct track line.  No special vehicle preparations or equipment is needed and convertibles are permitted as participants experience the fun of laps on the Summit Point main road course.

We expect to have a number of VIP Drivers available for celebrity drives as well as a vintage race cars for rides.  Many of the GM engineers and designers from the Carlisle event will be running at Summit Point so you will see their skills in this area.   
Click the link below for registration for Touring Laps and/or rides.  Touring laps are $25 per session and rides with an instructor or in the vintage race car is $50. 

All Caravan participants (drivers and passengers) arriving at the Summit Pt facility must check in on arrival, sign a waiver, get a wristband and sign up for their rides/laps.  If you have any questions please contact Karen Renfrow at – 270.467.8804