National Corvette Museum
National Corvette Museum


Performance Tour III
July 19-21


Warren Tech Center, Milford Proving Ground, BG Assembly Plant and the National Corvette Museum form the 4 cornerstones of Corvette.  Enthusiasts can tour the Assembly Plant and see the Corvettes roll down the line as well as visit the Museum to experience Corvette history, but the Detroit locations are shrouded in mystery and closed to the outside world. 

Now the National Corvette Museum lifts the veil and unlocks the door to the world of Corvette creation with Performance Tour III.  This Museum in Motion tour opens the VEC, Design and Engineering Support as well as Milford Proving Ground to a maximum of 40 fortunate Corvette enthusiasts.

While exact timing has to be finalized and depends on what facilities are in service for vehicle development at the time, the agenda will follow the schedule below. 

Please note that we will have an authorized photographer taking pictures at all locations; personal cameras, cell phone cameras, etc are not permitted and can be confiscated if displayed.  A DVD with all the pictures will be sent to participants after the pictures are reviewed by GM. 

Optional Travel Plans
For those participants who would like to caravan to our Troy HQ via Bowling Green, we have prepared the following itinerary.  Pplease call in and let us know you will be joining us.  All expenses on this caravan are individually paid. Call Karen at 270-467-8804

Wednesday July 18:
8:00am ct               Depart the NCM heading for Dayton, OH and the Air Museum
1:00-5:00pm et      Arrive in Dayton; lunch, tour of Air Museum and pictures by planes
5:00pm                  Hotel check in and dinner (group or individual).  We have a
                              block of rooms at the Hilton Garden Inn, 3520 Pentagon Blvd,
                              Beavercreek, Oh.  937-458-2650, block name NCM.  Or use a
                              hotel of your choice.


Thursday July 19:

8:30-12:30pm        Depart hotel and tour  Air Museum followed by lunch
12:30-4:00pm        travel to Saline, MI
4:00-6:30pm          picnic supper in Saline, MI at a special location
6:30-7:30pm          caravan to Somerset Inn

Friday July 20:
         After breakfast in a private dining room at the Somerset Inn, the group will drive to Warren Tech Center. Parking near the Design Center, the group will proceed to the Design Center lobby and met by Designer Tom Peters, then proceeding to the Design Dome for a presentation on 4 Corvettes rarely displayed together.    By special arrangement we will have a group picture in the Dome. Exiting the Design Center participants will head to the Wind Tunnel for a demo on how designs are analyzed based on wind tunnel testing.  

          Lunch will be at the Vehicle Engineering Center cafeteria and engineering presentations will be given by a number of GM engineers in a VEC meeting room.  Leaving the VEC the tour continues over to Engineering Support Operations for a tour of the facilities where test vehicles are repaired and analyzed.  Before leaving the Tech Center we’ll be taking pictures of the participants and their cars at a special location on the Tech Center grounds.   

          The MiM participants will return to the Somerset Inn for time and dinner on own including the opportunity to enjoy the Somerset Collection nearby.

Saturday July 21:

Once again the group will enjoy a private breakfast at the Somerset Inn and then head west to the Milford Proving Ground. The exact order of activities will be determined shortly but participants will get to drive laps on the High Banked Oval that is the scene where the famous movie of the new 1963 Corvettes was filmed. The participants will also do laps on the MRC (the Milford Road Course) and a chance to experience triple digit speeds in figure 8s on Black Lake and/or the Circle Track.  While rides are in progress a presentation by Jeff Mosher on the record setting Nurburgring runs will given in the MPG service building at Black Lake also the site of our lunch.  We will visit the Noise and Vibration Lab dyno facility to learn about GM testing procedures.  Pictures will be taken of the participants and their cars at all of the MPG locations.

Later in the afternoon the group leaves MPG and heads back to the Somerset Inn to prepare to for a special dinner experience. We will be caravanning from the Somerset Inn to the Bloomfield Open Hunt Club for their “Summer whites party,” which is at poolside and features many food stations, a dance band and caricaturist.  Remember to bring some light color/white summer clothing for the party. 

Sunday July 22:
Breakfast will again be served in a private dining room prior to check out and return home.

The Performance Tours are special fundraising events for the Museum in recognition of their extremely unique nature and unparalleled access.  The National Corvette Museum has conducted two previous Performance Tours but never as comprehensive as Tour III. The fee for Performance Tour III is $4400 per Corvette (1 or 2 people) and a substantial portion will be tax deductible to the extent law permits.  With the increased number of new vehicles being developed in the coming years it is unlikely that a tour such as this will be again possible for a long time if at all.  For questions, contact Roc Linkov, NCM Events Manager, or 270-467-8802. 


Registration is now closed. Please contact Roc at 270-467-8802 or Karen at 270-467-8804 with questions.