National Corvette Museum
National Corvette Museum

2014 NCM Motorsports Park HPDE 1
September 26-27, 2014

 The 2014 NCM track season kicks off with a 2 day event at National Corvette Museum’s Motorsports Park. Our regular run groups based on experience are beginner (green), low intermediate (yellow), high intermediate (blue), and advanced (black). All students will have classroom instruction (except solo rated) students and will be accompanied by an instructor in their car while on track. We expect to have a number of VIP Drivers available for celebrity drives and interesting classroom discussions as well as our crew of GM engineers and designers.

For Participants that have never participated in an HPDE we offer Prime Drive. Prime Drive is offered on September 27th and is a one day introduction to world of HPDEs.  Smaller run groups and more focused student/driver instruction provides a way for students to ease into the HPDE Program.

 Touring Laps for those with convertibles and/or drivers that don’t want to do the full out HPDE school. Three run full sessions have been scheduled for the Touring Laps on Friday, September 26th.  Classroom sessions are also scheduled for touring participants to learn the flags and Line.  The Touring sessions will be run with instructor/pace cars interspersed to maintain speeds and mark the correct track line.
All participants are reminded that it is imperative that after registering they must download, fill out and return their Classification form (includes HPDE AND Touring) no later than August 22nd, and download their Driver Package (separate packages for Touring and HPDE) for the tech sheets and key information. Classification paperwork is required to be turned in to Karen promptly after registration for correct run assignment. Those signing up for the special Touring laps should be sure to download the correct Driver package as you do not need to prepare your car the way the high speed participants do. Driver Package forms are to be brought with you to track.

The 2-day HPDE is $485 for an NCM member and $525 for Non-member (includes a 1 year discounted membership). The Touring lap option is available for $120 for 1 3-session day for the driver and $25 for a passenger. HPDE registration closes August 28th at 8:00am ct.
We will also be hosting a meet n’ greet dinner on Thursday, Sept 25th at 6:30pm in the NCM Conference Center. This will give you a chance to meet up with your instructor and start the conversation flowing between you and your fellow HPDE enthusiasts.

All attendees for HPDE, PrimeDrive, and Touring, including instructors, students and passengers, must register for the event.  Spectators/guests who are not driving or riding do not register but will have to check in at the facility for a spectator wristband. If you need waitlist information or have any questions on the HPDE portion, please contact
Karen Renfrow at  270.467.8804  or
Bryce Burklow at  270.781.5286

                                  NCM HPDE 1 SOLD OUT