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Proudly Supported by the Edelbrock Family Foundation

The National Corvette Museum offers a number of full day and multi-day camps in the STEM areas. Each camp has a different focus to meet a variety of needs and interests of children.

Upcoming Camps

Engineering with Minecraft Camp
May 19, 2015

Ages 7-12
Hours 8am-4pm with early drop off available at 7:45am, and late pickup available until 4:30pm.
Campers need to bring their own lunch with drink. Snacks are provided.
Cost is $45

Online registration is available, or you may also reserve by phone at 270-781-7973 or in person at the Museum, open daily 8am-5pm.

Please also fill out and bring with you this Activity Enrollment Form if this is your first time attending our camps.

Other Upcoming Camps

Minecraft Camp
July 9, 2015

Sinkhole Science
July 20, 2015

Superhero Science
July 27, 2015

Minecraft Camp
July 30, 2015

Wild Weather
July 31, 2015

Election Day Camp
November 3, 2015
Ages 6-12
Hours 8am-4pm with early drop off available at 7:45am, and late pickup available until 4:45pm.
Campers need to bring their own lunch with drink. Snacks are provided.
Cost is $45

Subj:  Letter of Appreciation

Dear Wendell:

This year Vette Camp was fantastic and above all the staff was outstanding in every respect.  You are cognizant that I was the Duty Photographer of Vette Camp, which gave me the opportunity to observe all facets of camp in innate detail.    

Kellie did a superb job of organizing the camp and making sure that all of the events were on schedule and went as planned.  Vette Camp provided such a wonderful variety of activities the children were never bored or showed a lack of interest.  There were a few scheduling issues and Kellie handled those with ease.  The camp attendees never noticed the changes as everything ran smoothly throughout the week. 

Katie did a great job marketing the camp and helping us arrange to attend.  Debbie made sure that Kellie had plenty of personnel support throughout the camp.  I sent Katie 1500+ photos of Vette Camp, covering all aspects.

I observed how well the staff got along and how willingly they supported each other, presenting a true team effort on all fronts.  When one asked for support, they were acknowledged with enthusiasm and frequently staff members would ask if support was needed.  Each NCM employee was most pleasant, greeted everyone with a smile, and helped every way possible.   

It is important to note the Vette Camp staff interfaced exceptionally well, making every camper feel they were important.  The primary staff members handling Vette Camp that I was acquainted with was Kellie, Debbie, Katie, Tyler, Shelley and Becky.  In addition, Stephanie, Adam, Teresa, Karen, Eric (Corvette Plant) and Roc were very supportive.  All of these people made a major contribution to the success of Vette Camp.  In summary, each staff member exhibited a genuine interest in each camper, which was very positive and well received.

Vette Camp is one of the most import events of the Corvette Museum.  It is the place where future Corvette owners are born.  When I was 10 years old, my father took me to an SCCA race.  The couple was racing a 1955 Corvette.  The husband was the driver and the wife the crew chief.  The crew chief let me sit in the Corvette and wipe the steering wheel.  This experience was the genesis for me to own a Corvette.  The moral of the story is that I have owned a Corvette since I was 25. 
Again, Vette Camp was a wonderful experience for both Parker and I and we are really looking forward to attending next year.  Next year, my second grandson, Cole will be old enough to attend.  Both Parker and Cole are already talking about next year.

You can be most proud of your employees they did a great job!

Best Regards,


Matt Parker III

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