National Corvette Museum
National Corvette Museum

New to the Floor

1959 White Convertible Corvette
Located at the Mobil Oil Station within the Nostalgia Area
On Loan from Charles Duaine Moore, Sr. or Yorktown, IN

#33 Race Car
Richard Anderson

1959 Fuelie
On loan from John Goodman of Seattle, WA

1953 Corvette
On loan from State Rep. Woody Burton, wife Volly,
and Congressman Dan Burton of Whiteland, IN

1.5 Millionth Corvette
Donated to the National Corvette Museum
by General Motors

Racing Interactive Display
Climb in the driver's seat, use the gear shift to select a high performance driving category,
and watch as the driver takes you on a virtual ride! Located within the Enthusiast Area of the Museum

On-Going Family Favorite:
Take the “Pit Crew Challenge”

Guests touring the Museum can take part in a simulated pit crew to keep the Museum's Corvette Race car in the lead by fueling up, changing tires and putting out accidental pit crew fires. Guests can compete individually or as a team to beat the clock and get the racecar back on track. This is a real hands-on experience and guests will actually feel like part of a pit crew as they use tools to compete in the game that comes to life the minute they take control. There is no additional fee required to experience the “Pit Crew Challenge.”