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Dear Wendell,

We wanted to send you a note to let you know how much we enjoyed our R8C delivery experience. As life-long Corvette enthusiasts, this event was very high on our "bucket list".

What we enjoyed the most was the spirit of the Bowling Green team. From our tour guide (Larry McCool) to everyone on the staff we worked with to make this happen. I would also like to mention Shane Webb and thank him for all of his help in this.

And the car? Well after the tour on Thursday, March 20th, we drove the car 2,400 miles back to Southern California with no problems at all. This trip included a marathon 1,000 mile day. Awesome!

We congratulate your entire team for building a world class museum!

Save the Wave!

Scott & Ann Shaw
Lifetime members

Ms. Lori,

Good Morning:

I wanted to follow-up with you on my Museum Delivery Last Week, 3-25-14.  What an awesome week !!

First off, I just wanted to say the drive home with my new 2014 Torch Red Corvette was terrific, all went well, even all the “looks” I received while driving home!

The main reason for writing this morning is to pass along my compliments to all of you for an outstanding job with my delivery. Everyone was so nice, greeting my wife and I the minute we walked through the front door.

I wanted to give a special thanks to Dan Garrett - Delivery Team Member, please pass along to him our many thanks for an outstanding job. His knowledge of the museum and especially the assembly plant was outstanding. The delivery of the car was great and was at our pace.  Dan even asked if we needed time to take a break, get lunch, spend time in the gift shop etc., which we did. My wife and I both wanted to especially thank him.

As a side note, my wife and I showed up in the afternoon the day before our actual delivery the next day just in hopes of seeing our new vette. Early on in looking for our car, we were confused in which car was actually our car. David Smith, who I didn’t know at the time, came from the garage storage/cleaning area. I believe he is in charge of getting the right cars in line on "Corvette BLVD".  We were sitting there and he came up an asked if he could help us in any way. I mentioned I was looking to see our car, although I wasn’t scheduled until the next day. At the time, I was a little confused/concerned about which Red Corvette was mine, and actually started to think it was missing. He went out of his way to show us the correct "Torch Red" corvette, which was already on Corvette BLVD, we just didn’t realize it. I wanted to thank him for taking the extra step to “Calm” us down a little.

Also to Shane Webb, who worked with me in changing my scheduled delivery at the last minute.

In summary, I can’t say enough about the entire experience, it was great. I would highly recommend "Museum" delivery to all. Again, please pass along our thanks to Dan.

Looking forward to another trip to the Museum soon.

Terry & Sybil Borne
3LT Torch Red 2014 Corvette

Hello Mr. Strode!  I wanted to tell you about my recent visit to the museum.

You shook my hand on March 1, 2012 when I took delivery of my Grand Sport at the Museum.  I was out in Lincoln Nebraska racing the Corvette over last week.  My friend (who also attended my buyers tour) and I had so much fun last time we were in town we planned a stop at the Museum on our way back to Pittsburgh. 

I knew the plant tours were temporarily shut down and that there wasn't any C7's on the delivery floor.  We stopped anyways to say Hi to the people that helped me get started with my first Corvette.  I found Lori in her office, papers scattered on her desk and full attention on her work in the computer.  I knocked on her window and gave a wave, just to say Hi.  Lori invited my friend and I into her office and took time out of her day to talk with us.  We talked about the new car, the motorsports park, changes around the museum and I was so happy to hear about her personal delivery of a Corvette also in Artic White!

I work in a dealership at a customer service level.  We always have the enthusiasm about our jobs but that can easily get lost in our work loads.  I just wanted to share how refreshing it was that she took the time to offer us a seat and a smile.  Its clear that the move to make her Delivery Manager was the correct choice. 

After leaving the museum and a short drive through the plant parking lot we headed back to the interstate.  Sitting at the light a younger guy, driving a truck with a cowboy hat on and a sleeveless shirt pulled up.  Told us that he built my car and he loved what I've done to it.  My friend and I both recognize him from the plant tour, also being very friendly and appreciative.  I believe he is who installed my gas tanks?

Thank you for employing such wonderful people.  I look forward to my next trip to Bowling Green, possibly to take Museum delivery of a C7, and visit again.  I'll keep on spreading my stories about just how important it is for every Corvette owner to make a trip to the museum. 

Dan Ireland
September 9, 2013