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Stinger by Axe gives you a multi-color, powder coated finish, polished light weight aluminum drive on ramps, and tire stops as standard equipment for your Corvette and other automobiles. For pennies a day you can own the absolute ultimate in a residential lift system. All Stinger by Axe lift systems have been certified to meet rigid ANSI Standards and provide safety, strength and stability.

What's right for your garage? Below is more information on Stinger lifts. Feel free to contact Gary Cockriel at the National Corvette Museum for more information and help deciding on the product that's right for you at 1-800-205-4248 ext 124 or

A. The Stinger ST model is the most popular residential model. Its rugged one piece 3/16" formed columns coupled together with 156" long ramps provide a solid foundation for safely lifting and storing vehicles up to 7000 lbs. This model, like all Stinger models, has a stunning multi-color powder coated finish touched off with a set of detachable high polished, light weight aluminum drive on ramps and tire stops.

B.  The SC showcase model is not for the timid. This model is synonymous with the popular ST model except its 156" long ramps are outfitted with a polished aluminum surface for that showcase look.  Together with a set of polished drive on ramps and polished tire stops it is tailored made for that one of a kind look for that special play room.

C.  Compared to the standard ST model the stinger ET model sports an additional 10" of vertical height and 20" more ramp surface, giving you a full 74" lift height and 176" drive on surface. This model is great for taller people, longer vehicles, or for those needing to store vehicles over 64" tall under the lift.  It, too, has a 7,000 lb weight cap.

D.  For the large collectors Stinger offers a comprehensive balcony package. Purchase a single portable model such as the ST along with a caster kit, then purchase a single 4 post balcony unit. After this you purchase additional 2 post balcony units that bolt together from your 4 post balcony unit. The user then simply rolls the ST model on casters to the balcony of choice, raises the ramps to the upper deck, locks the lift in place, rolls the car off the balcony onto the mobile lift and lowers it, removes the casters and drives the car away. To load, simply reverse the procedure.

Generation 2 Trailer Lifts

  • Maintenance free pulley bearings
  • 79" clearance under ramps so you can walk under and not over while at the track
  • 3 tie down points on each ramp
  • Mounting points
  • 12 v power supply with push button control
  • Hide-away locks and linkage
  • Single point lock release handle
  • Removable polished 39" aluminum drive-on ramps
  • Hidden lock release linkage
  • Cross bar tie downs
  • Cable pulle covers

All Stinger by Axe Lifts come equipped with safety in mind.   Fabricated pulley covers keep hands clear of moving parts.  In addition Stinger has placed its sliders inside the post, keeping you safe and clear of moving parts.  Internal nylon sliders provide free movement up & down the column. The single point lock release linkage system assures a smooth and hassle free release to the safety locks located on each of your formed columns. This new design offers twice the strength as that of our nearest competitor.

Aluminum Drive On Ramps
Another great standard feature that makes Stinger a first-class system are the detachable drive-on ramps. Weighing in at just 15 lbs. each, these eye catching drive-on ramps are constructed from 3/16" top grade, polished aluminum and measure 39" so low clearance cars can park safely without any drag on spoilers or front end components. Strong enough for a 7,000 pound vehicle, yet eye catching enough for any showroom. The ramps can be conveniently stored inside the parking ramps on ST & ET residential models.
Drive On Ramps

Stinger Lift FeaturesMaintenance Free Bearings
Only Stinger by Axe provides the ultimate in safety and reliability with its maintenance-free pulleys.

  • Reduced Cable Wear
  • Reduced Safety Hazards
  • 100% Less Friction on Pulley Retainings Bolts
  • Maintenance Free
  • Smooth Up and Down Operation
  • 10 Times Greater Surface Area

Key Entry Operation / Key Lock Power Unit
Safe and secure. By removing the key from the mechanism, the concern for child safety or vehicle safety is virtually eliminated.

Lifetime Structural Warranty

Five Year Mechanical Warranty

7,000 Lb. Capacity

Options & Accessories

Caster Kit
A great option for moving the lift.   This kit will automatically lift all four corner posts off the ground.  For Relocating your lift with the car on or off.

Option Rack
No need in stumbling over your caster kits any longer.  Stinger by AXE offers a mobile option rack for convenience in storing all 4 casters and the drive-on ramps.  Other option racks available for early style caster kits. Note: Casters and Drive-On Ramps not included.

Stainless Steel Drip Pan
First class looking, yet rugged drip pan constructed from 14 gauge polished stainless steel.  Easy to clean and will last a lifetime. Dimensions: 19" x 39" x 1.5"

Plastic Drip Pan
With economy in mind Stinger offers a lightweight plastic drip pan that will fit nicely between ramps for containing small drips.  Unit measures 42.50" X 20" and fits all current and late model Stinger ET and St Models.

14" Wide Combination Jack Bridge with Insert
Rugged 14" sliding jack bridge is ideal for small floor jacks, bottle jacks and for supporting the suspension with jack stands.  Includes an insert support for bottle jacks for unloading suspension.  A must for the home mechanic. Note: Jack Stands and Bottle Jack are not included

Protector Kit
Light weight plastic frame and
canvas that covers the entire
opening under your vehicle
to catch all the drips.

90 Degree Power Unit Bracket
90o Power unit bracket allows the entire power unit to be positioned inside any corner post to gain 10" of additional space.

8 Gallon Portable Oil Drain
Along with your new Stinger Lift Changing oil has never been easier with our new 8 gallon Portable Telescoping Oil Drain.  This unit features a wide 16" diameter funnel with built in contamination and drain plug catch screen with polyethylene tank that will resist corrosion and dents.  Unit comes with easy pour oil spout for trouble-free evacuation, and 4 casters for mobility.  Will adjust from 48"-63" height. (Shipping Weight 14 lbs.) Optional Transmission Adapter (seen below) available.

Transmission Adapter
No need to clean up yourself and the shop floor when removing transmission pans.  Our optional transmission adapter sets on top of the drain funnel, or can be used with our own container.  This adapter made from a durable polyethylene material.  The transmission pan measures 23"X23" and delivers a hassle free transmission servicing experience. (Shipping Weight 5 lbs.)

Aluminum Wheel Chocks
Our polished aluminum wheel chocks weigh in at 2 lbs each and will provide a safe and smooth stopping point for tires.  These units are sold as a pair and can be bolted directly to the ramp if desired. (Shipping Weight 5 lbs.)