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National Corvette Museum Delivery (Option R8C)

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Increase Total Customer Enthusiasm by permitting a customer, in one trip, to take delivery of his/her Corvette, tour the Corvette Assembly Plant, and visit the Museum dedicated to the car's heritage.


Order the vehicle in the normal manner with the following additions:

  • Add option "R8C", which will identify the unit as "Museum Delivery"
  • Add ship-to BAC code of 184590 (Dealer Code 31-728)
  • Designate the vehicle as a "Courtesy Delivery"

NOTE: This program must necessarily be limited to Sold Orders Only


The vehicle will be shipped to the National Corvette Museum. The NCM will check the vehicle in, perform PDI, and deliver it to the customer full of fuel.


Trained museum employees - Corvette fans themselves - will perform a quality delivery and orientation.


Included are VIP tours of both the National Corvette Museum and the Bowling Green Assembly Operation. Click here for required guidelines.


Option R8C will cause $990 to be assessed against the invoice.

This charge will cover the costs of:

  • Vehicle handling/processing by the Museum.
  • Delivery/paperwork/arrangements by the Museum.
  • The Commemorative Plaque.


The acknowledgement form (click for pdf file download) should be completed in its entirety. Selling dealer must insure that the customer fully understands all terms and conditions. Selling dealer should distribute the form as follows:

National Corvette Museum (Fax # 270-781-5286)

Also, customers must arrive at the Museum with the following items before delivery can take place:

  • A license plate or temporary tag.
  • Proof of ownership (bill of sale, etc.)
  • Proof of insurance
  • Valid driver's license
  • Dealer Acknowledgement Form


After a TARGET PRODUCTION WEEK has been established, the National Corvette Museum will contact the selling dealer by letter and offer a two week window in which to choose a delivery date. This contact will normally occur 4 weeks prior to the beginning of the two-week window. The selling dealer should contact the customer, advise him/her of the "window" and ask the customer to call the Museum at 1-800-205-4248 to schedule delivery. The Museum will confirm this date in writing (copy to dealer) and will handle all future communications with the customer.


The customer will make his/her own travel arrangements. The museum will provide a list of local hotels to the customer and information on a discounted car rental rate from the Nashville Airport. The closest major airport is Nashville, Tennessee, which is 70 miles south. Louisville, Kentucky is 125 miles north. NOTE: Customer should not make non-cancelable travel arrangements. Production schedules do vary, and neither Chevrolet nor the Museum will be responsible for costs incurred due to these variations.


A plaque commemorating the customer's experience will be given to each delivery customer.


  • Any floorplanning expense incurred is the responsibility of the selling dealer.
  • The Museum will make a good-faith effort to set up an alternative delivery date if a customer should have to cancel the original date. If alternative arrangements cannot be made within seven days of the original date, the selling dealer must arrange for shipment of the vehicle at his/her own expense. Allied Transportation, Inc., the carrier used by the assembly plant, will quote a price if you call 1-800-333-7312.
  • Once the vehicle is invoiced, the $990 becomes non-refundable to the selling dealer.
  • The vehicle window sticker will show a ship-to location of "C/O National Corvette Museum".