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National Corvette Museum

The National Corvette Museum Library & Archives is the repository for all materials documenting the past, present and future of Corvette, Corvette enthusiasts and the Corvette Museum. The material managed and preserved in the L&A include audio and visual media - both digital (DVDs) and magnetic (VRS and beta tapes), periodicals, books, drawings, paintings, posters, memorabilia and documents including some important historical memoranda plus dyno and build sheets. Most materials have been donated to the NCM from individual enthusiasts, publishing companies, print media, aftermarket suppliers, clubs and organizations such as NCRS, and from GM/Chevrolet.

Currently the L&A has over 1500 dvds catalogued, nearly 700 VHS tapes, over 4500 magazines, 350 books, 100 cassette tapes and more.

The Library and Archives is the first point of contact for questions about particular years, colors, features or other details of various Corvette model years or special production runs.

  • Build Sheets
    Purchase a copy of the build sheet for any Corvette assembled in Bowling Green since the GM Plant opened in 1981.
  • Window Stickers
    Reproduction window stickers are available for any Corvette produced at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant since 1981 and must be purchased in conjunction with a build sheet.
  • Etched, Metal Cast and Slate Items
    In addition to paper build sheets and window stickers, the L&A offers wood laser etching, slate and metal cast options. You can also submit your favorite Corvette photo to be re-created on these materials.
  • Original Dealer Brochures
    Purchase historic, original Corvette dealer brochures.

  • 40th Registry Database
    Search our online database for serial numbers and options for the 1993 40th Anniversary Corvette.
    Courtesy - 40th Registry
  • Corvette Chronicle
    A newspaper account of what was happening in the world during the time your Corvette was built. Included are pictures, model year statistics, option codes and prices.
  • Corvette Hall of Fame
    Learn about the most influential people behind the history of the Chevrolet Corvette ... From past to present.
  • Corvette Timeline
    The "Unofficial Corvette Timeline" traces the unique history of Chevrolet Corvettes starting from pre-production and carries through to the present. Courtesy - Ken Polsson
  • VetteSet
    FREE computer program developed especially for Corvette enthusiasts featuring instant model year stats, exclusive Corvette Value Estimator and more. Courtesy - Tom Workman


Research may be conducted through the Library and Archives, both by Museum Staff and in-person research.


NCM Member Fee
Non-NCM Member Fee
Student Fee

Research by Museum Staff

10 minutes free or $20/hour if over 10 minutes

10 minutes free or $30/hour if over 10 minutes

20 minutes free or $20/hour if over 20 minutes

In-Person Research








Color Scan (to email)




Fax Request

$1 first page, $0.25 each additional page



View the complete Research Procedures here.

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