National Corvette Museum
National Corvette Museum

Fun for Scouts

The National Corvette Museum offers lots of opportunities for scout groups to have a special visit. Check out the various packages and opportunities below, and check back as more programs are added!

NCM PatchScout Package
Includes museum admission, special time on the educational driving simulators and scavenger hunt with patch for completing it.

Under age 18 - $6 per scout
18 and over - $7 per scout

* Must call a week in advance to guarantee simulator time. Simulator time will vary depending ont he size of the group.

All scout groups can purchase a 5" x 7" FotoFX group picture for an additional $5 each (regularly 2 photos for $20)

Powder Puff MechanicsPowder Puff Mechanics
The Museum offers Powder Puff Mechanics seminars twice per year. Registration is $10 and includes Museum admission.

Powder Puff Mechanics Dates:
Saturday, May 16, 2015
Saturday, November 14, 2015

What Powder Puff Mechanics will cover:

  1. Under the hood
    • Air filters 101
    • Fluids and where they live
    • How to check, fill fluids, how often to check?
  2. Controls and Warning Lights
    • Check engine light
    • Other controls and warning lights
  3. Electrical and Owner’s manual Review
    • Location of battery & how to jump start a car
    • Location of fuse box
    • Get to know your owner’s manual
  4. Tires
    • How to change a flat
    • How to check tire pressure, add air, TPWS Tire Pressure Warning System
    • How to read a tire code (new but “old”)
    • Wear patterns and wear bars
    • What to consider when purchasing new tires
  5. Driving Simulators
    • Emergency situations
  6. What to carry in your car
  7. Body
    • Changing a head/tail/blinker light
    • Changing wiper blades
    • Brakes & Pads
    • Cleaning and care of your car

Register online below, or call Kellie Steeen at 270-467-8852 to register by phone.


Mr. Wendell Strode,

The Boy Scouts of America, Lincoln Heritage Council and the South Indiana Region would like to thank you for allowing the Boy Scouts of Troop 4025 to earn their Auto Maintenance Merit Badge at the National Corvette Museum on August 6, 2011. This is the first time this has ever occurred at the National Corvetet Museum and your staff made this a great experience for the Scouts. Troop 4025 developed a training program and the troop was used as a prototype to see how things worked at the Corvette Museum. Based upon the response from the Scouts and the Staff, future Merit Badge sessions should be on the horizon.

I want to thank Katie Frassinelli for coordinating the different members of the National Corvette Museum and working with me to make this event come together. I worked with Mr. Roc Linkov and he developed an interactive training program. He then provided the scouts with an experience they will never forget. Working on an actual Corvette made their experience out of this world. Another person I want to mention is Sarah Hagan. She was always there to help me through the bumps that developed and had a very helpful attitude. In summary, all the staff did what they could to make this a great experience for the Scouts.

In relation to the Cafe, we were originally scheduled to eat at 12:00. However, the Scouts were engrossed in Mr. Linkov's interactive workshops and we did not eat until 1:15. It was great to see how we could order in advance and that all the food was ready at 1:15. The food quality was also very good.

I want to again thank the staff for the ultimate experience for the Boy Scouts. I look forward to working further with the National Corvette Museum to develop an improved relationship with the Boy Scouts.

Yours in Scouting,

Russ Baker
Southern Indiana Program Chairman

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