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KidZone Exhibit


Thanks to funding from Corvette enthusiast Eugene Nagowski and the Bowling Green Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Museum now offers a Corvette KidZone, included with regular Museum admission.

The area has several hands on activities, both thru exhibits and with on-going daily specials.

Pat's Super Service Center

Service CenterLittle mechanics will love working in the Super Service Center! Children can step into a pretend auto shop equipped with all the tools they need to perform maintenance on a kid-sized car mounted on a lift. The exhibit's hands-on activities encourage cooperative play and stimulate the development of fundamental skills in young children.

Children will have fun sorting, matching and problem-solving as they select tools, replace parts and fill work orders. Working with other mechanics encourages positive social skills, and the exhibit's activities help enhance fine and gross motor skills.


The Service Center:

  • The Shop: A mural of a real auto shop and an ambient soundtrack help to set the scene for busy little workers.
  • Work Wear: Work shirts and caps enhance the role-play experience by allowing kids to dress the part.
  • Service Desk: Children plan and manage their workday, using a changeable wall clock, work order clipboards, a telephone and a magnetic daily calendar. Area signage encourages children to solve time-related word problems.

The Car:

  • Under the Hood: Kids will trigger a variety of sound effects as they change the air filter, add fluids (glug, glug!) and check the battery and oil.
  • The Creeper: The car is mounted on a lift so children can slide underneath on a creeper to change the “rusty” muffler and tailpipe.
  • Tire Rotation: Children can change two of the car’s tires using lug nuts and a realistic-sounding pneumatic drill.
  • License to Drive: A variety of colorful personalized license plates can be changed on both the front and the back of the car.

The Tools:

  • Tool Chest: Tools of the trade, including wrenches, screwdrivers, spare parts and replacement "fluids," are tucked in a kid-friendly tool chest that also serves as a matching/sorting activity.
  • Gear Table: Children can manipulate colorful moving magnetic gears, stimulating reasoning and creativity.
  • Tire Wall: Children will enjoy climbing in and out of a set of real tires that border the exhibit.

Educational activities within the Super Service Center are designed for children ages 3 – 8.


How would you like your business or club logo on the Super Service Center car, license plate or mechanic shirts? For a nominal donation you can be a part of one or more of these items within the exhibit! Please contact Katie at katie (at) corvettemuseum (dot) org or call 270-467-8846.

“Just In Time” Assembly Line

Manufacturing isn’t what it used to be. Welcome to the modern plant, where computer design and product testing are the standard. Your assignment? Apply your creativity and problem-solving skills to come up with your own product.

There’s no better way to understand the manufacturing process than to immerse yourself in it.  At Just In Time, you can try your skills on an automotive assembly line.  Working with a team, you must develop a strategy for supplying parts, assembling the vehicle and inspecting the work.  An electronic display monitors your progress.

Tourist Rest Stop

Kids can "take a break" in the rest area, check out area brochures, plan their route through Kentucky or take a stab at Road Sign Ring Toss.

50s Duntov Diner

Just like our Corvette Cafe, the Duntov Diner has a 1950s feel with both a kitchen grill side, and a seating/diner side.

Corvette Drive-In

Kids can lounge on the Step2 Corvette bed while watching their favorite car-themed movies on the tv screen.

ClassroomThe Garage Bay

In addition to hands-on exhibits, the KidZone will also have a place for kids to learn, get creative and enjoy ever-changing activities. The Garage Bay will offer arts and crafts, special activities, games, presentations and much more. It will be available for small groups to utilize during their visit, birthday parties and more.

Educational Endowment for Underprivileged Children

In 2012, NCM Lifetime Member Eugene Nagowski made a commitment to children in memory of his wife Patricia by establishing an endowment which will fund activities for underprivileged children including field trips and visits to the Museum, drivers safety courses, classroom outreach and more. If you would like to contribute to the endowment, click here.

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