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The National Corvette Museum offer various temporary exhibits throughout the year. Below is some information on upcoming displays. If you are interested in displaying a vehicle which fits one of these exhibits, please visit our section on Displaying Your Car here.

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January 13 - April 11, 2014: GPS Adventures

Get lost in the GPS Adventures Maze and learn how to find your way using GPS!

You'll learn about traditional and modern navigation, explore ways GPS is used, find out where the technology is heading in the future, and discover geocaching, a family-friendly treasure hunting game in the great outdoors.

Learn more here.

GPS Adventures

April 18 - August 3, 2014: The "Great 8" (Sinkhole Corvettes)

An exhibit featuring the Corvettes that fell victim to the Museum's sinkhole, Corvettes that were also displayed in the Skydome during the sinkhole (but not affected), artifacts from the sinkhole, and information surrounding this act of Mother Nature.

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The Great 8

August 8, 2014 - January 23, 2015: The Messner Collection

Display featuring a collection of rare, pristine and low mile Corvettes gifted to the Museum by Donald Messner.

Messner Collection

February 1 - May 10, 2015
Comets, Asteroids, Meteors: Great Balls of Fire

The threat of a catastrophic impact from an asteriod or comet is a staple of popular culture. If there was a dinosaur killer in Earth's past, is there a human killer in our future? What are the chances and how do we assess the risks? For that matter, what are asteriods, comets and meteorites, and where do they come from?

May 15 - September 6, 2015: NASCAR



September 18, 2015 - January 8, 2016: Hot Rods, Street Rods

An exhibit of cool classic cars!


January 16 - April 29, 2016: TBD

Educational exhibit


May 7 - September 16, 2016: Gone but Not Forgotten

GM models that were short-lived and no longer available


September 24, 2016- January 6, 2017: Best of Show

Corvettes winning the highest honor at Car Shows


On-Going: Driving Simulators

Two educational driving simulators are now available for use by our visitors age 16 and over with a valid drivers license or learners permit. Demonstrations are offered three times daily. Please inquire at our admissions counter about participating in a demonstration. Read more about the simulators here.

Driving Simulators

Corvette KidZone

A hands-on, family friend play area with activities for kids. Click here to learn more!

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