National Corvette Museum
National Corvette Museum

Lake of the Ozarks, Corvette Club

Corvette enthusiast from across the world have all heard of it, a large percentage have viewed it on the world wide web ( but to visit this museum is a true source of history and pride.

What started as a vision by a small group of Corvette loyalists, is now the National Corvette Museum providing a home to the endurance of a few forward thinking General Motors Employees, with the key person being “Zora Arkus-Duntov.”

The National Corvette Museum is under the guidance of the Board of Directors, with daily operations spearheaded by Wendell Strode (Executive Director) who has been instrumental in providing many programs and events for the Corvette community, now with the latest being the “Individual Corvette Club Visit.”

A planned visit by the Lake of the Ozarks, Corvette Club April 30th through May 2nd started with contacting Lavonne Hampton (Tour Supervisor) of the NCM, coordination is her specialty. Key Museum and Factory personnel were notified of the dates for our event and schedules arranged.

Friday morning would be devoted to the General Motors “Corvette Assembly Plant” Tour. Jane Bowlin (Tour Coordinator) assigned Adam as our tour guide. In the two hours Adam provided us with answers to every question asked and pointed out each important operation in the assembly of America’s number one sport car the “Corvette.” The tour culminated with the viewing of the new C6 for 2005.

At about one o’clock the group of twenty-one Corvettes lined up in front of the museum to proceed on a Road Tour of the Kentucky countryside with a planed lunch stop.

Leading the way was Roc Linkov (Events Manager). At the lunch stop Roc spoke to the group about the NCM, and his enthusiasm for the museum was apparent with each spoken word. After a relaxing 57-mile cruise we returned to the museum parking lot, and most of the group went into the museum to get a feel for what would be an event filled next day.

Friday night the parking lot talk at the motel would be only on two subjects, the factory visit and the road tour. Saturday morning would come early with the first event of the day being at 10:00 AM. for the Museum Tour.

Saturday morning Lavonne Hampton was waiting for our group at the entrance to NCM, and she introduced our tour guides. Because of our large number, the club members were divided into two groups to give a more personable visit for all. For almost three hours every detail was covered through out the tour. If a club member had a question, they had the answer. Thanks guys, you were great.

The time had come to unveil our Club Brick, with members bricks placed around it. Mrs. Debbie Rose Hill, the LOCC club secretary provided our center fold picture of the day. Mrs. Stephanie Morrill (Membership and Brick Purchase) did a fine job with the coordination and placement of the LOCC brick. The main event for Saturday was fast approaching.

Saturday evening at about 5:30 PM. our group entered the museum front doors for “Dinner in the Dome.” This catered affair with white tablecloths and seating along side some of the nicest Corvettes in the world would truly be a special event.

Special thanks must go to Mr. Gary Cockriel (Museum Delivery) for providing the group with information on the Corvette Museum Delivery program during dinner. Gary is also a member of the Bowling Green Corvette Club and plays in a local band. That night the Bowling Green CC was having a meeting also in the museum. After our dinner, Gary’s band setup and the Bowling Green club joined us for great music and dancing.

What a time, two full days and nights of true Corvette excitement. If your club would like to make the trip of a lifetime to the National Corvette Museum, start your planning and telephone Lavonne Hampton. Your enjoyment has just begun.

Submitted by: Bob Swengrosh

NCM Ambassador, Lake of the Ozarks, Corvette Club

NCM Life Member, # 855

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