National Corvette Museum
National Corvette Museum

Original Corvette Club of St. Louis


Most Corvette owners know about the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky and appreciate those who were visionaries and wanted the world to know the history of the Corvette.  Those true Corvette lovers deserve our eternal gratitude.

The Museum affords us the opportunity to meet other Corvette enthusiasts and preserve for generations to come our history.

Left to right:  Ken oehn, President, Looking Glass Corvette Club, Illinois; Shirley Berving, National Corvette Museum Ambassador; Mary Heeley, President, Original Corvette Club President

The Original Corvette Club of St. Louis decided it was time to put together a Club trip to Bowling Green and invited  the Looking Glass Corvette Club of O'Fallon Illinois to join us.  After several false starts a date was set and the trip was a “go”.

On Friday, July 29th at 6:00 A.M.  twenty-eight Corvettes from both Illinois and Missouri met and the trip was started.  This was one of the most awesome trips ever, looking back and seeing all of these beautiful cars in a line was so impressive!  It was so much fun to listen to the truckers on CB's  talk about this line of Corvettes and speculating on their destination.  It seems they all know about Bowling Green and the Museum!

That afternoon we were excited to visit the General Motors plant to see these great cars go down the production line.  Our group was split into two groups and we proceeded through the plant and was given  probably more information than we were able to process.  The plant tour coordinator, Amy Jones, was wonderful about insuring two knowledgeable tour guides to help us through this event.  Even though some of us had been through the plant before, it always is a new experience with new information.

That evening after a long day, we had dinner together and regrouped for some social time on the parking lot of the Baymont Hotel to prepare for a great Museum experience the next morning.

Saturday morning found us all refreshed and ready to go. The nights sleep was definitely needed to keep up with the activities planned for that day.  Upon arriving at the Museum we found both Clubs bricks in front of the Museum and lots of pictures were taken.  We then met with Lance and Neil to begin our personal tour.  These two young men were so informed and eager to give us the best tour ever.  This behind the scenes tour was something I and the others will never forget.

After more pictures were taken it was off for a much needed lunch four hours after touring the Museum, shopping in the Gift Shop and purchasing bricks and memberships.  During lunch we decided to skip the planned trip to Jim Beam and to go to Chaney's Dairy Barn.

Chaney's Dairy is a working dairy run by a family that is motivated to work and serve others.  They provided a great tour of their farm by tractor and hay wagon which was a delight for everyone.  Of course, the homemade ice cream was a hit too.

The evening was filled with a wonderful dinner at the Iron Skillet which provided us with our own room and menu.  The day at the Museum was the topic of conversation and everyone offered their favorite part of the Museum tour.  It is always interesting to exchange notes and see what we miss and others hear.

That evening after dinner, everyone congregated in the parking lot once again and we all enjoyed stories of the days and shared ideas and decided our Clubs would become sister clubs to share more events.  This was a unique experience of two clubs finding out how similar we really are.  The Museum brought us together and it is now tying us together for the love of the Corvette.

Both the Original Corvette Club of St. Louis and the Looking Glass Corvette Club of O'Fallon would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to Wendell Strode, Exec. Director; Stephanie Morrill, Membership Services Director; Lavonne Hampton; Membership; Lance and Neil, our special tour guides and the staff of the Museum Gift Shop and others too numerous to mention. Those behind the scenes workers that make this Museum what it is today.

The Museum is there for all to enjoy and I believe all those with the trip this year will strongly urge everyone to visit the Museum and see just what our history is and what our future holds in store for us.

Our heartfelt thanks to all of those involved in establishing this great Museum and to those who are there keeping everything running!

Shirley M. Berving, Ambassador
Original Corvette Club of St. Louis
Looking Glass Corvette Club, O'Fallon, Illinois

Lifetime Member #1369

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