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16 THROUGH 19 APRIL 2008

The Myrtle Beach Corvette Club has always held the National Corvette Museum in a special place in our hearts. We are amazed at the progress the Museum has made over almost fourteen years in the preservation of Corvette history, the promotion of the Corvette as a cutting edge legend, and equally as important, providing a focal point for a virtual world-wide group of Corvette clubs - all dedicated to these same goals.

With these thoughts in mind, members of the Myrtle Beach Club began planning a “club visit” to the Museum in January of 2008. We were immediately taken under Sharon Kinser's wing and she ably guided us through the process of preparing an agenda - to include choosing those special activities that we were most interested in; menu choices for meals, picture choices and all other such details. We settled on 16 through 19 April 2008 as the dates for our trip.

Finally, the much anticipated day to depart arrived and we all met for breakfast in Aynor , SC prior to departing. We had previously decided to make the trip to Bowling Green in two days in order to make the road trip more enjoyable. We spent the night in Knoxville , TN , had a great meal, a restful night, and proceeded to Bowling Green on 18 April and prepared to begin our visit the next day.



Early on the morning of 19 April, we were met at the Museum by Lavonne Hampton, Stephanie Morrill and several other staff members who provided us with our personal visit badges and briefed us on our visit itinerary, beginning with the Assembly Plant visit. The next two hours were spent participating in a fantastic plant tour, viewing and learning the myriad details involved in Corvette production. We then returned to the Museum and were given an extensive “behind the scenes” tour of the Museum itself. We were given in-depth historical briefings of the exhibits; Corvette Hall of Fame members such as Zora Arkus-Duntov, and tours through areas of the Museum not normally open to the public. We all came away from this tour with a much deeper appreciation of what it takes to operate our world class museum facility. We then had lunch catered in the Museum conference room. After lunch, club pictures were taken outside the Museum with our members, their Corvettes, and their bricks. The remaining time for the day was spent fulfilling our individual interests in the Museum. The evening was capped off with a great dinner at the home of the Museum's Executive Director Wendell Strode. We were joined by Wendell and his family for the evening meal, a tour of their beautiful and historic home, and were made to feel most welcome and comfortable. This personal and gracious evening was the highlight of our visit.



We were back at the Museum early on Saturday morning where we were met by Thomas who briefed us on our road trip for the day. The trip was a beautifully scenic drive to the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln and the Bourbon Heritage Center in Bardstown , KY. The day included a great lunch at Talbott's Bed and Breakfast in Bardstown, a historic landmark tavern.



This full day of driving and touring ended at the Museum where we were able to say goodbye and thanks to the Museum staff, do a little final shopping before the Museum closed, and prepare for our last dinner in Bowling Green . Since several of us were proceeding on to visit family and other areas, our dinner was spent reliving the wonderful time we had and also discussing plans to participate in the Museum's 15th anniversary celebration in 2009. We can't wait.

Submitted by: Charlie Meade
NCM Ambassador, Myrtle Beach Corvette Club
Lifetime Member #2144

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