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LookingGlass Corvette Club

Led by Club Ambassadors, Bruce & Donna Bronsema, LookingGlass Corvette Club of Highland Illinois paid a visit to the Museum August 3rd and 4th, 2007. Their mission was twofold--first to be inducted as Lifetime Members of the National Corvette Museum and to commemorate the Clubs 30th Anniversary. A plaque commemorating their anniversary was presented to the club from the Museum.

Accompanying Bruce & Donna were 27 club members ranging in longevity from first year members to charter members Pokie & Suzie Wildhaber. Bruce note that as charter and founding members Pokie and Suzie are the glue that has kept this club together for 30 years. As former club president John Mulane said, "this club would be a whole different group of people if Pokie's father had collected rare roses instead of Corvettes."

Not only was the longevity of their membership wide ranging, so were their cars. The group arrived in Vettes from 4 generations, C3 to C6. Of note were the oldest belonging to Gene and Barb Schlattweiler, a 1969 big block with no air. Keep in mind it was near 100 degrees during this trip. Also of note was Rich and Nellie Peck's 1979 on its maiden voyage. Even with air it wasn't a picnic in the heat.

Sadly Wendell was unable to attend the ceremony on Friday, but somehow he found the group enjoying one of Bowling Greens fine eating establishments Saturday night. Bruce said this was a real treat to see Wendell and introduce him to the club. Thanks Wendell for your kind words.

Aside from the Museum activities, LookingGlass members enjoyed a 2 hour private tour of the assembly plant, a trip to Bardstown and the Bourbon Heritage Center , and lunch at the Old Talbot Tavern.

Everyone had a great time which made this trip a huge success. Bruce and Donna hope that such experiences will inspire more individual support of the museum through one of the many programs, membership or donations. Bruce and Donna have been Museum members since 2004 and Ambassadors since late last year. They say that since their participation in the 2004 C5/C6 Birthday Bash they were inspired to help promote the museum and expand its membership.

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