National Corvette Museum
National Corvette Museum

The National Corvette Museum acts as the steward for all Corvette enthusiasts, by fulfilling our mission to celebrate the Corvette's invention, and preserve the legendary automobile's past, present, and future. The Museum will serve as an educational and research model for all to enjoy. The Museum was opened on Labor Day weekend in 1994. At that time, the NCM stated that the Museum belonged to all the Corvette enthusiasts and therefore it was their Museum.

The NCM is helping to fulfill that commitment by continually improving on program that encourages and facilitates participation from the Corvette enthusiast community in the future development of the National Corvette Museum.


The purpose of the Ambassador Program is to provide Corvette clubs/organizations a two way communication link to the NCM. This program provides several opportunities to offer support through participation and involvement in the functions of the Museum. Corvette clubs/organizations can play an important role in the mission of the National Corvette Museum by providing the NCM and its staff guidance and assistance.


Each participating Corvette club/organization will nominate/select an "Ambassador" to act as the liaison of that club/organization to the National Corvette Museum. The person selected to be an "Ambassador" will have a distinct interest in the success and future of the Museum and be at least an active Individual member of the NCM.

The Ambassador's mission will be that of receiving and disseminating the most current and correct information from the Museum, and to convey that information to their local Corvette club/organization. The Ambassador will act as a Museum representative to promote and solicit support for the Museum through promotional activities and encourage other Corvette enthusiasts to join the Museum. Additionally, the Ambassador will be the voice of the Corvette club/organization, communicating concerns, ideas and suggestions to the NCM.

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Corvette Club Awards Given

At the 20th Anniversary Celebration's Ambassador Luncheon, several clubs were awarded plaques. Congrats to those recognized!

1st Down the Road Corvettes, Lakewood, CO
2nd Glass Odyssey Corvette Club, Kitsap County, WA
3rd Lone Star Corvette Club, Texas

1st Central Jersey Corvette Club
2nd Suburban Corvettes of MN
3rd Corvette Club of Santa Barbara, CA

Furthest Distance Travelled
Corvette Chevy Club de Mexico

Good Samaritan Award
St. Louis Corvette Club

Volunteer Award
Corvettes Limited of Bowling Green

1st The Villages Vettes Corvette Club, FL
2nd Grand Sport Registry
3rd Lookingglass Corvette Club, O’Fallon, IL

Photos of the award presentations and club banners are available for download online here:

Master Ambassadors 2014

Ron Wade Corvette Club of the Palm Beaches
Glenda Fischer New England Chapter NCRS
Steve Blunk Circle City Corvette Club
Paulette  Blunk Circle City Corvette Club
John Pedersen Chicago Corvette Club
Steve Tillman Corvettes of Southern California
Jack DeLong Skyline Drive Corvette Club
David Raven Corvettes of Durham
Janice Raven Corvettes of Durham
Marilyn Christian Amarillo Area Corvette Club
Jan Marshall Razorback Corvette Club
Gary Carlston Sun Country Corvette Club
Edward Huck Cruisin Corvettes of Tallhassee
Michael Walsh Venice Florida Corvettes
Paul  Mariano Queen City Corvette Club
Barbara Mariano Queen City Corvette Club
George Sipprell Connecticut-At-Large
Berry Pinney Corvette Cleveland
Robert Dukas NCM Lifers
David Turner Lanier Corvettes Unlimited
Mike  Salmon Vintage Vettes of the Ozarks
Ed Snell Central Illinois  Corvettes
Dee Snell Central Illinois  Corvettes
Mike  Furman Frederick County Corvette Club
John Jensen Queen City Corvette Club
Helen  Jensen Queen City Corvette Club
Fred Kayser Corvettes Limited of Bowling Green
Gary Pilson East Tennessee Corvette Club
David Putz Florida Corvette Club
Barrett  Benson Colorado Springs CC/Down the Road Corvettes
Lee Holtman Corvette Club of Marion County
Edward Clark Corvette Atlanta
Bill Clements Village Vettes
John Bieglecki Spirts of '53 Corvette Club
Frank Lo Monaco Corvette Club of Santa Barbara
Johnny Downs Lone Star Corvette Club
Edie  Downs Lone Star Corvette Club
Bob Wiltse Ft Thomas Corvette Club
Judy Wiltse Ft Thomas Corvette Club
Kevin Beale Battlefield Corvette Club
Robin Forrer Rose City Corvettes
Buzz Marston Western States Corvette Council
Randall Shinn NCM Fighter Squadron
Ernie Naugle North Central Corvette Club of PA
William Immell Tulsa Vette Set
Michele Cantelmo High Point Cruisers
David Ellingson Glass Odyssey Corvette Club
Donald  Paulson Cape Fear Corvettes
Glenn Johnson Tri-City Corvette Club
Andrea Johnson Tri-City Corvette Club
Len  Tucker Classical Glass Corvette Club
Judy Dooley St Louis Corvette Club
Marty Dooley St  Louis Corvette Club
Jim Harris Corvettes International
Marge  Harris Corvettes International
Frank Sancineto RTP Corvettes
Laura Sancineto RTP Corvettes
Randy Flock Corvette Club of Rhode Island
Charley Robertson Circle City Corvette Club
Linden Baker Corvettes of Enid Oklahoma
Kim  Sheldon Coastal Carolina Corvette Club
Doug  Reed Classic Glass Corvette Club
Chris  Reed Classic Glass Corvette Club
Charlie Meade Myrtle Beach Corvette Club
Debbie Meade Myrtle Beach Corvette Club
Doc Plue Mid Missouri Corvette Club
Joe Moncado Kansas City Corvette Association
Tuna Dobbins Central Oklahoma Corvette Club
Susan Dobbins Central Oklahoma Corvette Club
Richard Loch Colorado -At-Large
Mark Kuhlmann Alamo Area Corvette Club
Janet Polasek Ontario-At-Large
Nick Polasek Ontario-At-Large
Bud Donner Aquia Creek Corvette Club
Jerry  Pelton Emerald Coast Corvette Club
Jeff McQuade Calhoun County Corvette Club
Carl Stover Perry Corvette Club


Stephanie Morrill coordinates the Ambassador program.
She will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns
by calling the NCM at 1-800-53VETTE.